Rich and Busted


One would assume that having an abundance of disposable income and direct access to the world’s greatest glam squads would ensure that a celeb never truly has to have a bad-looking day. I mean, granted, every day won’t be amazingly glamorous and red-carpet ready. They’re only human, after-all, and completely entitled to lazy, fresh-faced days spent running errands in sweats and ponytails. But come onnnnnn!!! Crooked wigs, chipped polish, ashy ankles, tattered garments?! What gives?!

Let’s give one the benefit of the doubt and assume that the wardrobe stylist is out the country, the hair stylist had a family emergency, and the makeup girl has a cough that sounds slightly contagious. Ok, cool. Did the mirror jump out the window, too? Did friends and family suddenly lose their voice? I just don’t know – something aint right.

The reality is, whether or not they have a major event to attend that day, celebrities can pretty much bank on paparazzi being camped out in the bushes waiting to snap a flick. And with the speed and convenience of today’s technology, all it takes is a discreet snap and send to have a picture go from one’s cell phone to the world wide web quicker than you can mumble “camel-toe” (we won’t name any names!).

Get it together, you messy millionaires! Dust yourselves off, fluff that hair, and hit the pavement properly – or prepare to surrender your resources.

You think we wouldn’t jump at the opportunity to have names like Mariel Haeen and Sam Fine on speed dial?! Puh-lease. Don’t take advantage…

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