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  • Lovee

    haha, dumbest song i’ve ever heard. plus her voice isn’t that impressive but it’s alright..

  • Cecily

    I don’t particularly like the song, but I like her voice & there’s something about her personality that I like too.
    And those magenta heels in the video! yesss!

  • I’m still not impressed with Rita Ora.

  • SJ

    Nice voice, but not quite. I will be tuning into Melanie Fiona’s and Brandy’s more and more as the industry keeps trying to shove this tired “pop bad girl” formula down our throats.

  • Leyanna

    This is the new girl for RocNaion???????!!! o.O TOO Pop for me smh no thank you! the song is stupid but her voice is ok….they might wanna cut this out…