Rumor has it that Sheree Whitfield has been fired from the Real Housewives of Atlanta franchise. The former wife of Bob Whitfield was apparently called in to her usual annual meeting with Bravo to discuss the upcoming year and that’s when the network broke the news that her presence would no longer be required on the reality show.

The twist to this bit of gossip are allegations that Nene Leakes, arguably the most popular person on the show now, is responsible for convincing the powers that be to let Sheree go, telling them that it would be either her or Sheree. If you’ve followed this season’s action, the former friends fell out over a business deal gone bad and are no longer in each others’ lives. However, relations between the two remain cordial, so the rumor mill says that Nene’s desire to dominate the show is what motivated her to orchestrate Sheree getting the boot.

This season of RHOA hasn’t been much to write home about, and even the same old drama has the looming oddness of Sheree’s decline from a thriving businesswoman living off of alimony to her rocking high-end fashions while her child sleeps on an air mattress. Even her beef with Nene was early in the season, and it seems that she’s been drumming up drama — for example, starting controversy between Kim and the other cast members. Is Sheree’s role on RHOA getting tired? Will her absence affect the show?

What do you think?

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  • omfg

    why do people watch this cray cray crap?

    • Jaslene

      Because it is cray cray good crap.

    • omfg

      i don’t watch tv, unless it’s something i come across on youtube or netflix.

      also, i don’t care to watch black women behave so poorly. and i don’t understand why people who enjoy it seeing this. the women are petty and fake and have almost no class.

  • At this point, it probably will affect the show because we became used to the fakeness but funny comebacks that were Sheree.

    I forgot that she did have a few business flops and even NeNe got more lines on The Game.

    If she were smart, she would find an investor and get a fitness brand working because she has a banging body and seems to love working out. Acting and fashion design…not so much.

    • Pat

      I said the same thing. With her following from the show she could have easily turned her self into a health guru. She is the only one not progressing from the shows success. She is just all over the place…

  • Robbie

    She should focuss more on her financial problems, buying a bed foer her son and getting a job then stir up drama and act like she has it going her. She is indeed not all that she claims to be. This woman is a fool and I pity her children.

    • AMEN! Sheree should have been fired sooner. FAKE, BORING… She is so lame I can’t even come up with other adjectives…

      Watching her act like she is high class and rich is exhausting… B!tch you are broke quit playing…

  • df

    probably because she has a non existent storyline….she got herself fired.