>It’s been a month of Sundays since you’ve had your itch scratched. And almost a year since your relationship ended. Your vajay-jay is overdo for some attention.

So what do you do?

Most ladies have someone in their iPhone, or whose number they have inadvertently committed to memory. The guy that is good for a solid quality session of really good sex, but there is usually a catch: he’s no good for you and he is not worth falling for. Luckily your conscious, won’t allow you to back pedal to that place. But your itch still needs scratching.

Your hands may soon get carpal tunnel from all of the self-pleasuring that you have indulged in. Or even worst you don’t have the guts to throw up the deuces to your own vagina — so you’re even more ready to get some action! And then you bump into homeboy that was giving you the eye while you were in said long-term relationship that you never even looked twice at because you were so head over heels in love. Now you realize he was cute all along. He finished his MBA and is now working in finance yada yada yada, but he appears even more fine in this moment.

You two decide to have drinks and engage in some good conversation —- it’s apparent to the both of you how you want the night to end. The energy is palpable, and highly sexually charged. Ever the lady though, you try as best you can to compartmentalize those libidinous desires that are ravishing inside of you, but—to no avail, because the energy is palpable and highly sexually charged.

F* all the shenanigans, you grown! And ONE, one night stand, does not a ho make. It’s not like you’re doing it every weekend, and if the feeling is right and you’re not tied down to anyone, why not go for it? Your emergency condom is in your wallet. Homeboy is looking mighty fine. Do you do it? Do you pull the trigger? Do you go along with your carnal desires or are you too much of a lady to go down this route?

Have you ever had a one night stand?

– Jayne Dirt

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  • KG

    Nope, I haven’t. And what to do? You use self-control in a situation where you’re truly being tested. Make a decision, but make it being comfortable with the consequences and know that your decision is molding your character. We’re such emotional beings, which is cool. But if you have standards and morals you live by, remember them in the heat of temptation.

  • Jaslene

    Yes I have had one night stands. And sometimes that all I need.

  • Jaslene

    Yes I have had one night stands. And sometimes that is all I need. I see nothing wrong with them just be safe. Forget all that hogwash about being a lady whatever the fuck that means. Do you boo-boo.

    • hehe

      That’s the thing how can you be safe with someone you don’t know? I’m not talking about safe sex(condoms, birth-control,etc,), I’m talking about personal safety. You don’t know what this person you don’t know is capable of doing to you.

    • Laila

      Someone you know can hurt you too. Ask the women who husbands/boyfriends beat them everyday…..I’ve done it before and was safe….I’ve done it, and that guy and I ended up having a 3-year relationship. Men could care less. They know the hoes from the women who know what they want and have class doing it.

  • binks

    I’ am not sexually active but I can’t picture myself having sex on the first date…but I’ am not going to knock or judge another woman who decides to do it. At the end of the day do you; just be careful and smart in your decisions of who you are sleeping with

  • DB

    I’ve had a one night stand that ended up a relationship, that never really jelled due to the one night stand. It’s not something I’d like to see happen again, my body fights me and says otherwise at times LOL. But I have a different view of sex now than I did then, I see it for how God created it vs what my desires may want to lead me to do (because the body doesn’t shut down because “God’s way” isn’t available) and practice self control. It ain’t easy let me tell you! But it’s like knowing now what I know I couldn’t do it without truly regretting it in the end.