When many of the men that I know have referred to a woman as sexy they weren’t speaking about what they were wearing. They were speaking about the manner in which they carried themselves and the impression they left on the opposite sex. The difference between a girl and a woman is that a woman knows that sexy is indeed a state of mind and not about the clothes that you wear.

Some of the most insecure women try to cover up their insecurities by wearing scantily clad clothing in order to draw attention from men. This charade only lasts but so long until her low self esteem is discovered. A woman who is sexy knows that she is just as sexy in a sweat suit as she is in a pair of high heels and a fitted outfit. Her aura is sexy, her attitude, the way she speaks and the fact that she values herself as a queen makes her sexy.

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  • OSHH

    I concur! It as natural as breathing.
    It is something within the individual.
    IMO you either are or you aren’t, the contrived is so not sexy.

    • OSHH

      ^”it is as natural”

    • binks

      co-sign OSHH! I wish most people realize this because if they did they won’t go for the obvious of what society try to brainwash and force what sexy is.

    • binks

      Sexy to me is a soft breeze that sneaks up on you before you realize that it was a force of natural