New York City was rained out last weekend killing the plans of many. I stayed inside as well and started to think about all of the storms I have gotten through in my life. There were times when I just wanted to throw in the towel and give up because the trials of life just seemed to be pouring down on me. Somehow I found a way to smile even in the midst of the storm and focus on the sunny day that I knew would eventually come.

I have learned that when times are rough that the worst thing you can do is dwell on what is going on. It’s hard, but you can’t allow the storms you face to control your life. Focusing on them will suck all of the life out of you, mentally and physically. I have seen people who just stop living because they are too focused on the issues that they are dealing with. They lock themselves inside, never want to get out of bed and try to shut out everyone and everything. This type of behavior only adds to the problems that you are going through.

When the storms in life come focus on the many other blessings in your life. Also, think about the many times you thought everything was falling apart, but somehow you made it through. It’s never the end unless you give up and stop fighting. No matter what you go through your joy is worth the fight. Life is too short to let anything or anyone steal your joy.


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