I’ll be honest, I don’t watch SNL. I rarely find it funny and usually scroll through the highlights on Hulu to see if–by chance–they got something right.

Over the weekend Kenan Thompson and Blake Lively teamed up to offer their take on ghetto girls gone wild on the skit “Virginiaca.”

The skit saw Virginiaca (Thompson) and her step-daughter shopping at a Prada store. When they’re approached by the sales associate who thinks they can’t afford anything in the store, the pair begin to show out. At one point they get into a conflict with a mannequin, and in another scene the daughter (Lively) starts “booty bouncing” in the middle of the store.

The skit seemed like a (weak) knock-off of Mad tv’s “Bon Qui Qui” skit from the ’90s, but you’d think that in 2012 SNL’s writers would be able to find some other material to make audiences laugh (And judging by the silence, the audience wasn’t even feeling it).

While I’m sure Lively was added to the skit to show that they weren’t specifically taking shots at black women, the end result was offensive and not even remotely funny.

What do you think?

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  • mamareese

    Eeeewwwwwwweeeee what’s up with that? What’s up with that! (Love some Kenan!!!) No really what’s up with that…even the most Ghetto folks don’t act or talk like that……acting excess for the cameras.

  • The saddest thing to me is that it is taking a cheap shot. AND FAILING. The skit was beyond T-I-R-E-D.

    I actually did not get upset until the end where Keenan’s character offered his goodies as a way for paying for the skirt, which crosses the line into another discussion about a general disregard for Black women’s bodies…

    Bringing it back to race though, what bothers me is how people leave out the fact that it is irrevocably tied to economic status. People who seclude themselves from other groups (and thereby accepting media images) beacause they are well-to-do, would think Black women act like Keenan’s character even if they met 50 women like Debra Lee. *Personally, I am more offended by news people who insist on using the toothless granny for a report.

    At the end of the day, this only confirms why I gave up on SNL years ago.