The glimmer of hope in the ongoing battle for justice in the Trayvon Martin case has been that a grand jury was to be called this week, but the new special prosecutor handling the case has decided against it. A grand jury could have determined that there is enough evidence to arrest George Zimmerman for shooting Martin on February 26, now over forty days ago — as you know Zimmerman remains free and has not yet been arrested.

State Attorney Angela Corey’s office said that her choice not to use a grand jury “should not be considered a factor in the final determination of the case,” noting that she and her team of prosectors have the authority to arrest Zimmerman at any time.

This decision has two effects: First, the Martin family has been against the use of a grand jury because the process is often secretive and in spite of the overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing on Zimmerman’s part, a jury of his peers might find that his actions do not require an arrest. This means, then, that the burden of resolving this case rests solely with Florida prosecutors, who have not yet put forth a timetable for action on the case and say that they are still reviewing evidence.

Which leads to the second effect: with the grand jury canceled the case has stalled yet again. People are really starting to need answers, so expect more disappointment, Zimmerman family shady lawyering, and outrage until this case has some movement.

Do you think the exclusion of the grand jury will make justice for Trayvon more likely?

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  • mluv

    This is just so tragic and soo dumb!! They keep on stalling, they keep on trying to say there is not enough evidence. I pray that there is justice and an arrest. I feel like we are at the state where its like what do we do now?

  • What’s crazy is during this entire time since Trayvon’s killing, there’s been no restrictions placed on Zimmerman.
    Why should he wait around for the government to decide whether to charge him with Murder and he face a possible life sentence.
    His parents have the means and so Zimmerman might have left for “vacation” to a place like Equatorial Guinea where they speak Spanish, have beautiful beaches, and NO Extradition Treaty with the US.
    If it was your life, would you prefer a jail cell or a tropical paradise?
    No one has seen George Zimmerman in ages. I’m beginning to doubt he’s still in the US.


    This is an ominous sign in my opinion,there will be no justice for TRAYVON !!!!!!!!!!