Star Jones has never held her tongue. The former Brooklyn prosecutor is used to speaking her mind and making a case. Her wit, intelligence and strong personality led her to land gigs on The View, The Celebrity Apprentice, and the Today Show, and now she’s taking aim at one of cable’s most popular shows, Basketball Wives.

Jones, who’s no stranger to black-on-black woman relationship drama, recently called out Basketball Wives for its negative portrayal of black women.

“It may be ‘comfortable’ to be quiet when women of color slap the crap out of each other & run across tables barefoot, but #ENOUGHisENOUGH,” she tweeted.

According to Sister 2 Sister magazine, Jones recently had a meeting with Black Girls Rock! founder Beverly Bond about how they can help change the images of black women in the media.

Jones explained on Twitter, “About to put together a group of sisters to finally ‘tell the truth’ about the image of women of color in the media.”

While Jones had some harsh criticisms of, she also took a few shots at how black men and women portray themselves in hip hop.

“Then we have music filled with misogyny, self-hate & WOMEN calling THEMSELVES Bs and Hs & white rappers are using the N word.”

Jones says her concern is about young black children who are looking at the BBW women and rapper as role models. She wants them to know that negative behaviors don’t pay off in the end.

She continued on Twitter, “…little black girls deserve more than what we’re giving! It sickens me @lov3lylina85 when young sis think that behavior is acceptable. U can’t get a REAL JOB acting like an animal.”

Star Jones also put the call out to her fellow celebs to take a stand:

“I’m asking all my high profile, platform having conscientious sisters who STAND FOR SOMETHING to just say #ENOUGHisENOUGH & call folk out! Be mad. But think about what I said. WE ARE BETTER than that. You’re either part of the problem or part of the solution.”

Star Jones’ criticism of Basketball Wives comes on the heels of the petition by disgruntled fans calling for a change in the show’s negativity.

But will it work?

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  • H

    This stuff will never change. People love negativity. She can’t stop it because people want to buy the misogynistic and violent rap music. The misogynistic rap songs must have self objectifying women shaking their T&A. The little girls must watch this stuff for some reason that I will never understand. Then, they follow suit.

    What’s the problem? PARENTS! You let grownups do what they want to do. You can’t make them raise their standards. It’s your job as a parent to keep your kids from watching it. When I was growing up, we didn’t have cable. If you took the TV out of the kids’ rooms, took away the laptop, worked with other parents to make sure they do the same, and work with school teachers to stop letting your kids watch grown folks entertainment, things would improve. Give them a library card, and make them read books for entertainment.

    • H

      These video vixens and rappers can do what they want. Of course it doesn’t help our image, but calling them out doesn’t change anything. They apologize but then keep on keepin’ on. What we should be worried about is raising girls that don’t watch that trash, and when they finally see it, they have been raised well enough to see those girls for what they are. You have to teach your kids the right values so that they have shame. Most people aren’t ashamed of anything anymore.

      But just like most problems in the black community, this will never be fixed. We like to blame our problems on somebody else. Here we are blaming rappers and video tramps for little girls watching inappropriate programming and emulating what they see rather than blaming the parents and communities for not shielding them from that and offering alternate forms of entertainment.

  • Whatever

    While her message has truth to it… she was just on Celebrity Apprentice last year living up to the black woman mean girl stereotype. She was terribly mean and a bully to Latoya Jackson and eventually Nene. I don’t trust Star at all.

  • Mrvardot
  • Lulu
  • H20s

    Let’s demand for an upgrade for the show and not unemployed reality stars except the hoodrats. But that includes Shaunie Oneal who allows such behavior. The networks should be on notice we deserve positive images for Black women Stop slanderous portraits on Sisters.