It looks like fed-up Basketball Wives fans are having an affect on the show’s stars. Recently, one of its most outspoken (and dramatic) cast members, Tami Roman, spoke out about who she feels is really to blame for the show’s over-the-top drama. According to Roman, it’s not the women throwing ‘bows fans should be angry with, it’s the show’s producers.

“I think that the opposition to call for the show to be cancelled will end the employment of several African-American women who have no creative control. Why not call out the people who make the decisions about what is aired. Call out Shed Media. Call out VH1 because I will join that battle. Why call for several people to be unemployed that really have nothing to do with the creative process?”

Roman says she and the other women have tried to introduce more positive stories to the show, but the producers (and perhaps even the fans?) don’t want to let the ladies show their more positive sides.

“I come with my storyline and things that I want to introduce and lo and behold what they want to show are those dramatic moments. There is more to us.”

“I have thought about leaving,” she told Sister 2 Sister. “I would love to see a season 5 where VH1 and Shed Media are called out to show more positive things that we’re doing and show us how we are 90 percent of the time, instead of how we are 10 percent of the time. I would love to see the brand in and of itself go out on a more positive note.”

Despite her claim that the BBW ladies aren’t to blame for how they’re seen, what does Roman have to say about her quick-temper and sometime violent antics?

“What they are seeing is a part of my personality. I’m not trying to take back my actions, but that’s not who I am all the time.”

Interestingly enough, Roman doesn’t seem to be calling out the show’s creator and Head Woman in Charge, Shaunie O’Neal.

But does she have a point? Should fans be more critical of the show’s producers and not the stars for what happens on screen? Speak on it! 

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  • WhosReality?

    First of all, I like to adress the statement…”Well, if you don’t like whats going on with the show then why watch”? I can speak for myself, but I like Royce, from the very beginning. I like Evelyn the first season, but her histrionics started to escalate after each season. She just became meaner and meaner…We just sat there and watched her dissent into pure evil…No one really expected that from her. Tami, showed up drunk and angry. Jennifer on the hand I was luke warm… but I liked the fact that while going through a bitter divorce she was embracing her independence(interesting!)… and then she started a line cosmectics which is something positive for young female viewers to see and I was hoping for more of that! However, I quit watching it for a while after the way all of them treated Meeka Claxton. I actually wrote VH1 and told them that they should be ashamed of themselves and when Tami called her “Black B**tch”… I was mortified…because she said it as if being black is something ugly and shameful. Once again I went off on VH1. I wanted to see more of Meeka Claxton because she was in fact and still is married to a basketball player with a cute family. However, we didn’t get that chance… because there is a core alliance in Shaunie’s circle that feel they can do or say some of anything to the cast members and push them out with violence if necessary whether verbally or physically…and that is whats disgusting about this show!! In the real world people get arrested for that foolishness or worst people started using deadly force. I have been an off and on watcher of this show because there are cast members who I am a fan of…but as soon as someone in the core alliance decides they have beef with another cast member… the show becomes monodimensional …because no matter how wrong the individual from the devil’s triangle (Ev,Tami, Shaunie)… it is those three that will always agree to dislike a cast member and start moving to get them out. However, this time they’ve messed with a very mild manner, yet strong, smart, rich, motivated black woman…named Jennifer Williams. Surprising, she has a stronger fan base than all of them. Evelyn is a “has been” before she’s even gotten started… because she has show America that she has an ugly spirit and Shaunie has disappointed a lot people who were huge fans of her brand…but now she just looks greedy. Tami, still has the possibility of redeeming herself because she admitted to having a problem…but they all having Evelyn to thank for killing the show. Its over!

  • Shasha

    completely ashamed and shocked at the behaviour of these 30 something women or should i say children,

    Tami your self serving ego is a joke you tell people not to talk about you yet you chat behind the backs of the women you abuse, is it only your right to discuss what happens on the show with bully 1 Evelyn and money grabbing shauni without consequence, why and who are you? nothing but a fame hungry, sad, miserable, negative, pathetic excuses for a black woman.

    Tami You look sooooo pathetic when you try to get the public’s sympathy vote, and all it does is make you look like the fool you really are. In this day and age Bullying is wrong on every level, people kill themselves and lose parts of who they are because of people like you, and answer this have you even felt bad about anything you’ve done to the other girls on the show and do you know the word i apologies???? obviously not.

    Yes i get your seeking help but what make laugh (at you ) even more is when you expect other to accept your disgusting manner and behaviour because of what you have been through… well Miss T we’ve all had a hard life and i don’t kick off with every woman that says a bad word about me, you rise above it with grace and dignity,

    This shows your true insecurities and how worthless your really are.

    Actual I liked the show and some of the cast but Tami i cant watch you any more you make my stomach turn…. why VH1 are giving you so much airtime is beyond me you bore the hell out of me and i dont care about your therapy because your hypocritical behaviour cancels out any good your trying to do. hope they get rid of you and bring in someone who actually has class with more positivity.

    you need more than anger management and i hope someone treats you the same way someday so you can feel what its like.

    Your not ugly but your inner uglyness seeps though and make you look like twisted. pray love cause you need it.

    As for Shauni…… all about the money … shame on you was a fan now cant stand you.
    Evelyn – grow up and stop the anger
    Jen – you go girl
    Keisha – grow some balls
    and the other one what her name….. irrelevant one lol- such an ass kisser – so scared she is gonna get dumped again that she will do anything to be onside you sad little girl.

    VH1 is only showing what you have all filmed, it they edit it to only show you in a bad light then thats your business, why even give them the material in the first place again what a joke!!!!!

    nuff said.

  • O’Niel

    Tami!!! Ur antics r tiring! Same crap u pulled about 20
    years ago on Real World and u still doing it now!!! With all
    the ladies young and old…u feel this is the best way to portray
    yourself?!?! C’mon even Homey don’t play that!!! U wanna
    act like U all that?!?! And ur sh*% don’t stink?!?!
    What world do U live in?!?!
    Earth 2 Tami: GROW UP!!! U damn close to or at 40 and U
    really feel this is normal?!?!
    Who died and made U Queen?!?! U wasn’t even an original
    cast member!!! Seriously…U r gonna tell a grown ass woman
    how to cough?!?! (U keep coughing Keisha…go rite on
    Just because U got the loudest voice, the biggest weave,
    and a neck that rolls more then a bowler…U feel U
    have a rite to bully people??? It is “bullies” like U who make the
    weak, passive people take their own lives!!!
    So let me get this straight. It’s the producers who call the
    shots, who edit the show, and who decide what kind of light
    to present Tami in??? So in other words if they r pulling
    the strings??? Then u r nothing more then a PUPPET!!! A PUPPET!!!
    Here’s an idea for U Tami: WALK AWAY FROM THE SHOW!!!
    Just walk away. Need the cash, huh girl??? Sad sad sad.
    Don’t want to talk about the other “pawns” on the show. They r all basically
    Non MF’n Factors!!! But, can I just ask 1 thing???
    “Y does everyone still talk to Olowakandi’s Reject?!?! Y?!?!?! ”
    Look Tami, be a woman and act like a woman…not trash!
    I think I have said what I wanted to…and all w/o using the “B”
    word, attacking you as a mother, or a daughter, or a
    sister, hell ain’t even talking bout ur love life!!! Now
    that’s keeping it real!!! That’s the troof!!!
    U really need to check yourself and take a good long
    look in the mirror! Wait!!! On 2nd thought…scratch
    that thought…U might take too long of a look at ur
    own reflection…then might wanna attack it too!!!
    GET A LIFE Tami…or at least make a difference in

    “…love is healing…healing love…”

  • jo