There’s something instantaneously empowering and uplifting about sliding into a pair of stilettos. Flats are cute. Sneakers are hot. And may the good Lord rain a heap of special blessings upon the comfort-minded geniuses who invented flip-flops. But don’t nothing but nothing accentuate our natural, inborn, get ‘em girl sex appeal like a pair of sky-high skinnies. Slide a foot into them and they offer up an effortless boost of confidence and, unless you haven’t yet mastered the balancing act of remaining vertically upright and walking in them, a stroll that commands attention.

I am admittedly a shoe fiend. I love them across the gamut—except Crocs, clogs, and Uggs or any knockoff derivative thereof—but my heart percolates over heels. And guys love us in stilettos, which I don’t mind because I love stilettos, too. For different reasons, of course. I’m in awe of the colors, the little details, the designs that make them distinctively fabulous. They, on the other hand, are in awe simply by watching a woman delicately balance herself on a 4, 5, sometimes–if she’s real bad–6 or 7-inch stem hoisting her up off the ground. (Bonus points for those of us who can run for cabs and chase after children in them.)

Men can wear flats and sneakers themselves, but they’re mesmerized by the sexy sway of a woman in high heels. I know the staunchly feminist crowd argues against the importance of that, but I’m single and still fairly young, so it still has a modicum of importance to me. As an added bonus, through someone’s dogged and very important research, I’ve heard that heels not only make our legs look longer and sleeker, but they make our butts look like they’re sitting up higher and—this just in—they increase projection up to 25 percent. Even if you’re struggling to have some booty action, heels will plump and perk your backside.

Sans the validation of any dude or superficial physical accouterments, however, I love the way heels make me feel. I am a tower of power whenever I put them on.

Thirty minutes before a lunch meeting with a new client, I stood in front of my mirror checking and rechecking and checking some more for any egregious flaws that could possibly take center stage during the course of the conversation. You know how hard it is to stay focused on what somebody’s saying when they have a renegade eyebrow hair or some anonymous particle floating free on their tooth, so I was taking care not to become the unfortunate subject of somebody’s Facebook post or Twitter wisecrack. The woman I was meeting up with was looking for an editor for her first novel, and even though I’ve knocked out my fair share of similar projects, I was feeling a bit flustered. Then, like a magical ruby red slipper—except they were red microsuede—the heels I stepped into gave me a boost of can-do that sent me into that lunch hour with a sashay in my step and a conversation piece to break the ice with.

I don’t know what kind of shoes make you feel all drenched in your womanhood, and maybe shoes aren’t your thing at all, but I had to pause and celebrate the almighty towering stiletto.

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  • I loveeeeee flats. quirky, military, African you name it….heels make my small toe cry and have me singing the blues! No thanks.

  • Ocean Blue

    Heels are cool, but I do not wear them often. In fact, I currently own just two pairs. I do not own a vehicle, the closest bus stop to my house is a mile away and I walk a lot, so I am pretty much always in flat shoes at the disappointment of others.

    Now, I live in a state that experiences all kinds of weather conditions, so I am always shaking my head when a woman comes up to the bus stop in heels when there is snow and ice on the ground. Some women are so afraid of not appearing or being labeled feminine that they will wear heels no matter the weather or even if their choice of clothing for the day does not work well with heels.

  • jamesfrmphilly

    so some fool has convinced some women that shoes that are unhealthy and stupid looking is what they want to spend their money on.

    newsflash : men been looking at women before heels and will continue to do so after heels.

    sisters, wake up……

  • Jocy

    I completely agree with the writer’s take. Nothing says “girl power” louder than a hot pair of shoes. I feel different when I put on heels. Now to save my feet, legs, ankles from stress, I wear flats or sneakers until I get to my destination.

  • MyPriceisRight

    i’m glad i’m tall and got long legs already

    • So Over This Ish

      Lucky you! That is the only downside to being petite…I’m only 5’1. I wish I had the mile-long legs that most tall girls seem to have.

      High heels are a short girl’s best friend, but they hurt like a mofo!

    • Alexandra

      Here, here twin! Legs for days, months, years….
      I’m not much of a fan of heels. Can’t even wear ’em longer than an hour.

    • Ocean Blue

      It’s ‘Hear, hear’, not ‘here, here’.