I think I’m officially one of the “olds,” because Eden Wood’s recent appearance on The Wendy Williams Show had me sucking my teeth and muttering about kids these days. The star of the wretched “Toddlers & Tiaras” not only called Wendy out on her lacefront, but also shut down her attempt to sing some song called “Cutie Patootie.”


From the looks of it, Eden’s mom finds her routine just hilarious. This is what reality TV hath wrought. Being rude and disrespectful is a-okay if it makes a young girl a star. But folks don’t watch shows like “Toddlers & Tiaras” because the girls featured have star power; they watch because it’s a trainwreck of bad parenting, hyper-sexualization and entitlement.

Rudeness is never okay no matter what your age. Some of Eden’s schtick would have been gross even if she were an adult speaking to another adult. But I do believe in the maxim about respecting one’s elders. And a pre-schooler breaking bad on a grown woman and calling her “baby” is in no way respectful. For the record, I’m kind of a Willow Smith fan, but her “guhrrrrl”-laden interview on Oprah was a bridge too far, as well.

But maybe this is a new day and I need to get with the program.

What do you think? Is Eden Wood rude or a riot?

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  • It’s all fun and games until they’re 15-years-old and cussing you out. Not cute. At any age, rudeness is ugly.

    • Leo the Yardie Chick

      Yup! Eden’s momma better brace herself, because if she’s this ‘sassy’ now…*gets popcorn*

  • The last time I heard Wendy getting verbally cut up like that, it was Whitney Houston getting all up in her piece.

    Whitney to Wendy ” Cause we know what you look like… hahaHA”

    for the record, I think it’s very rude but I’m sure the little girl rehearsed with her mom. At some points it seems like she’s reading from a piece of paper. So sad how the mom is living thru her daughter