4 Street Style Bloggers We Love — Sometimes when we need inspiration for outfit, we take a few minutes out of our day to look through street style blogs. Capturing real people setting trends and interpreting runway trends is a crucial part of the street style blogger’s job. Mainstream fashion trends are often inspired by the trends in street fashion and vice versa. Street style bloggers have to be confident as they ask stylish strangers to pose for their blog. Street style bloggers have to know all functions of a camera. (Continue Reading…)

Major Handbag Trends for Spring — If there is one accessory you can’t live without, it would have to be your handbag, purse, or bag. Bags reflect your sense of style and who you are just like the clothes, shoes, and other items that you wear. In most cases, our purses carry essential things we need every day like cell phones, comb, brush, lotion, and perfume. Therefore, you want to choose a bag that works for your lifestyle and your personal taste. (Continue Reading…)

Amber Rose and Vintage Frames Collaborate on New Line of Snake Shades — We’ve heard of snakeskin belts, shoes, and even handbags, but shades? Apparently it’s possible, and thanks to Amber Rose and Vintage Frames, you’ll be able to block the sun with genuine python this summer. The collaborators just released a new commercial announcing their Trouser Snake Project which consists of a line of vintage frames that were made back in the 1980′s but never released. (Continue Reading…)

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