It’s hard to tell whether criminals have gotten extremely stupid or extremely bold, or both.

Usually, people who steal things from hotels just stuff an extra towel here and there into their luggage, and even “real thieves,” exercise a little bit of caution before making off with goods that don’t belong to them. But a woman who was caught on video robbing Tampa’s Sabal Suite blind decided to take her time and leisurely boost everything she found in an unlocked, uninhabited room. I mean everything.

The bed linens. The curtains. The picture frames. The iron and ironing board. The rugs. The trash can. The television?

Yes, the television. Not a flat screen, mind you, the bulky old school kind. You’d figure that all of that stuff would add up to more than $700 worth of goods, but that’s what the hotel is claiming they’re out thanks to her heist.

Watch as she leisurely carries a painting out of the room and then wanders around making sure the coast is clear so that she can keep on running loot (it’s pretty boring, but the nerve behind her level of chill about the heist is impressive).

The best part? The suspect is still at large. The Hillsborough Police released this video and a series of photos to find the woman, who as far as I can tell looks completely generic aside from her upper body strength and can-do attitude. So far, no one has turned up.

I take it all back…maybe hotel security and the police are the dummies and not this woman. She’s chilling in a room full of new furnishings and they have hours of her face on video and still can’t find her. Go figure.



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