Last week, Alicia Silverstone published a video of her feeding pre-chewed food to her son, creating a buzz among parents, doctors, and regular folks who get disgusted by such things. The technique is called “pre-mastication,” and is supposed to help deliver maximum nutrition benefits to children. I mean hey, birds definitely feed their young this way and it’s nobody’s business what anyone does with their kids, but still…gross.

So, the late night host Jimmy Kimmel, who is also king of kid-trolling experiments, gave his viewers a challenge: give your kids pre-chewed food and see how they react. I swear sometimes the stuff he puts children through makes me want to have kids just so I can harass them with pranks like these. Watch:

The kids who actually ate it are funnier than the ones who didn’t!

I love how these experiments always display the sheer brattiness of the children, but can you really be mad at them? Food on your plate that someone else already chewed?

What do you think of this experiment?

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  • Pre-mastication huh? My people call it feeding the baby and how else are you supposed to do it before they’re old enough to do it themselves. It’s what the women in my family have always done. I guess now they’ll start calling ut Alicia Silverstone feeding.

  • mamareese

    Que the extreme parenting groups that are gonna have a problem with this…….LOL funny though.

  • 4:10, PRICELESS!

  • Lmmfaatwoooooooo!!! *Crying Real Tears* That was hilar!