Friday night, Twitter erupted as Toure and Piers Morgan went all Ali vs. Frazier on each other on CNN.

Honestly I’ve never given CNN much thought–especially after they botched Michael Jackson’s death–and certainly NOT on a Friday night. But when the tweets started flying about Toure and Piers Morgan’s confrontation, I had to watch.

First, a little background: The two engaged in a little tweef, or “twitter beef” (blame the homie Gabrielle of The Nu Black for that one), Thursday evening and into Friday as Toure called Morgan out for not challenging Robert Zimmerman—brother of Trayvon Martin’s killer, George Zimmerman—for taking liberties with the facts.

During the interview, Robert Zimmerman claimed his brother was one punch away from being fed through a straw and shot the teen in order to save his own life. His story reeked of hyperbole and heresy, and although Morgan didn’t go Lawrence O’donnell on Zimmerman and totally eviscerate him, he did question his story.

But apparently, Toure wasn’t impressed. After Morgan’s interview, Toure tweeted that everyone at NBC was laughing at Morgan, and he reiterated that point the next day on-air.

Morgan took Toure’s comments as fighting words and it was on.

From the beginning of the interview Toure’s demeanor, facial expressions, and tone screamed “condescending.” You could see he was fixing to tell Morgan off and nobody was going tell him any different.

After calling Morgan out for not doing a good journalistic job and allowing Zimmerman to speak unchallenged, the two began trading jabs. In true British fashion, Morgan called Toure’s points “rubbish” and told Toure that he needed to learn how to be a real journalist—never mind Toure’s been in the game for over 20 years. And Toure blamed Morgan’s lightweight handling of Zimmerman and the case on his immigrant status, telling Morgan that he doesn’t “understand America.”

While the two flexed their own egos, complete with retweeting compliments from fans and Toure saying he “killed” Morgan on his own show, Trayvon Martin’s story was lost (and Toure agrees with me).

Despite the case still being open and thousands marching in the streets around the world, Friday night was all about Toure, Piers and trying to protect their reps.

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