Video model and stripper Vanity Wonder is opening up about the underground world of butt injections and her own operation in her new book, Shot Girls. Wonder is 4’11″ with measurements of 32-23-43 and is ready to break her silence about how she got her enormously large behind.

In the video below, she talks about why she chose to get the injections and that her book gives a voice to the many girls who have gotten them. She remarks that some do it for all the wrong reasons and may be seeking attention. Wonder feels that the public shouldn’t come down so hard on a woman for her decision to go through with the risky procedure.


Silicon injections used to increase the size of the butt are not legal to administer, since silicon injections are not safe nor FDA approved. Despite this fact, these injections are in huge demand. Some of these “procedures” have caused deaths and are done in hotel rooms by makeshift doctors.

You can preview a chapter from the book here.

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