Stacy Knutson, a Minnesota waitress, got the shock of her life when a customer left behind a carryout container from another restaurant that was filled with cash — $12,000 to be exact. When she chased the customer down in her diner’s parking lot and tried to return it, the woman who left it behind said  “No, I am good, you keep it.” Score!

But Knutson’s conscience got the best of her and she turned the money in to the police, who claimed that if no one claimed the cash within ninety days it was hers. Ninety days came and passed, but the police told her that they couldn’t give her the loot because the bills showed traced of narcotics and the cash was now part of a drug investigation. Suuure.

In response, Knutson filed a lawsuit, and the media attention to her case already convinced the police to give her the hard earned tip that she wasn’t required to give to them in the first place.

“I do know that the person gave me what was in that to-go bag…thus as I understand it, it is mine,” Knutson said. She thinks that someone who heard that she and her husband were having financial problems might have left the cash.

Does this story make your BS meter go off a little bit? First someone leaves her a pile of cash just for living, then she turns it in to the cops, and then the police try to give her a hard time about it? What ever was really behind the woman who left rolls and rolls of bills as a “tip,” I’m not sure most people would hand that kind of money over to the police if they found it. I once found a $100 bill in the back of taxi cab, and faced with the decision to either give it to the cab driver or keep it, I promptly shoved the bill into my bra like an old lady on the hustle. Finders keepers, losers weepers! But $12,000?

What would you do?

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