My personal feelings about Miss Jill Scott are only a few notches below legitimate worship — she’s gorgeous, reps my city and my body type, and is very talented but never makes a big stink about it or acts like a diva.

But even if you’re not as over the moon about her as I am, you’ve got to admit that she regularly delivers romance and feel-good anthems that pretty much set the bar for positive messages in today’s r&b/soul world. “Blessed” is the fourth single¬†from her 2011 #1 album The Light of the Sun, and the video is super cute while complementing the song’s message of thankfulness and joy. Plus, there are handsome black men dancing, Muppets, and Jilly from Philly looking as great as ever.

What do you think of Jill Scott’s new video?

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  • Alexandra

    The song is alright. I grew tired of it really quick.
    I don’t really like the video.

  • itsmejewel

    I love Jill Scott and Yes we are blessed we need to focus on the positive and Use all our energy to think about what we really want… instead of what we dont want.. Dont drag you down

  • CHE

    Im not a fan but it was aiight. Like the afro wig but not the curly one.

  • notimpressed

    Who is the dude in bed with her? Really?
    Jill just chopping down random dudes?

    And this was her first album on her own label…

    Love jill but the videos she puts out always suck…

    she looks nice at certain times and is a mess other times. This was one of them “other” times.

    What is in her head?

    And Ouidad product placement? Seriously?? A “natural hair product” that she puts on a weave? And remy martin got a dramatic slow pour?

    And who are the chics at the bar? homegirl she owed a favor too???

    And the wig cap?

    It would have been fine if she just rocked the faux fro in the booth with the light make up and look and sang the song.

    Oh, and that Bodymagic she had on??? (you could tell how the dress creased at her crotch area) the truf!!

    all in all? love jill… hate her stylist/artistic/video producer…

    • Sista Girl

      Old as this is.. should she have had celebrity stand-ins? I mean, does it really matter who the man was or what women were at the bar? It speaks highly to her character that everybody is Somebody. Someone to reflect. She represents her city, namely the People in it. That’s what I get from her vids. Maybe I’m wrong. *shrug*

      My only issue was the product placement. What was that about? It was like she owed them or something.