One of my favorite web shows, The Number, is back with another episode, and this times, things are getting a little stickier for Jason and Melissa.

The Number follows an engaged couple as they prepare to get hitched. But after they decided to reveal “their number”–the amount of sexual partners they’ve have–things go awry when Jason discovers his wife-to-be has been around the block several times.

Now, doubts have crept in as he (hilariously) struggles to deal with her past. Add to that his sister’s (Issa Rae) insistance on breaking them up, and you have a recipe for a potentially disastrous, and yet comical, situation.

Peep the latest episode of ‘The Number‘ and let us know what you think!

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  • Ocean Blue

    Hahaha! Funny. I actually laughed out loud at the scene when he walked in on her spanking that man.

    I’ve never been asked about my ‘number’, but last year, I did have a long-time male acquaintance who wanted to date me continually ask me about the last time I had been in a relationship and had sex, because he wanted to, “see where you are coming from”.

    • sholla21

      LOL @ “see where you are coming from”. An “acquaintance” has no business asking those kinds of questions.

    • Ocean Blue

      I think he was too comfortable with the friendship we have. We have known each other since we were both eleven years old (We are both now twenty six) and thinks that us having sex a few times as teenagers translated into me begin interested in him in adulthood.

  • oh mi gosh that was funnni

  • caramelgirl

    hilarious. i still cant get over her spanking that man like that, lol