Dennis Dortch  of Black & Sexy TV continues to crank ‘em out, and this time we get another glimpse at Issa Rae reviving her role as hater # 1 on The Number.

If you haven’t been keeping up, The Number centers around an engaged couple who decides to share their sexual “number” with each other, and of course things go awry.

After Jason finds out his fiancée Melissa is more sexually experienced, he begins to have doubts about their relationship. It also doesn’t help that Jason’s big sister Lisa (Isaa Rae) hates his fiancée and is on a quest to hook him up with someone else.

Will the couple be able to overcome their challenges and make it down the aisle?

Check it out:

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  • sholla21

    Dude, it’s still time to call the wedding off.
    He obviously thinks she promiscuous and he’s uncomfortable with it.

    Always nice to see Issa. She’s hilarious and so creative with her haterade. “That ho of am dog”. “We were all itching.” LMAO!!!!
    I like the other actors. The girl is good and the guy, well he makes you feel his pain.

    • sholla21

      * ho of A dog * Sorry, typo.

  • TypicalBlackWoman…

    Love this series!

  • I LOVE this series, I love how awkward it is, and how the script isn’t all about “deliver your lines perfectly” but, instead, how people actually talk.

    Issa is HILARIOUS as Captain Hate ‘Em Tho’. She does such a great job in this role.

    I have never told anyone I’ve been involved with how many sexual partners I’ve had. It’s none of their business, you know? And damn, now I see how awkward it would have been if I had ever said anything!

  • In my opinion, I think this girl is too loose. He’s a nice man so I don’t think he should be with her. It’s not like she stopped doing that kind of stuff years ago. She just told him last episode that she messed with Mike before him. Great little series though!