With the black media gearing up for the release of Sony’s Think Like A Man, I got to think about some of my favorite romantic comedies.

The other night, in a fit of insomnia, I flipped through Netflix and landed on a quirky film called OutsourcedThe film follows a call center manager, Todd Anderson, whose company decides to layoff its employees and move their operation to India. Todd has to go to India to setup the office and train his replacement, a task he isn’t happy about. While in India, Todd eventually gives in to the charm of the local culture and learns more about his coworkers. Romance and hilarity ensues, and Outsourced was one of the cutest films I’ve seen in some time.

From Love Jones and Sixteen Candles, to Coming to America, Sleepless in Seattle, and The Best Man, I love a film that’s able to make me laugh while tuggin on my heartstrings.

But how about you? What’s your favorite romantic comedy? 

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  • HowApropos

    Love Actually was an awesome movie.

  • HowApropos

    I forgot to add:

    Any rom-com with Queen Latifa as the lead…

  • kidole

    Pretty Woman
    My Best Friend’s Wedding
    The Holiday
    There’s Something about Mary
    Kissing Jessica Stein
    Two Weeks Notice
    Something’s Gotta Give

    • Elle Michelle

      I love “The Holiday” and “Something’s Gotta Give”

  • iQgraphics

    breaking the rules
    was corny and funny.

  • CurlySue

    Although I hate most of today’s rom-coms (soooo corny), I have a few in my DVD collection that I could watch any day of the week.

    1) Love Actually
    2) Bridget Jones’ Diary
    3) 16 Candles (I’m still hopin that Jake will be waiting for me in his red porsche outside work one day lol)
    4) Run Fat Boy Run – Simon Pegg is easily my favorite actor. I’ve probably seen Shaun of the Dead 150 times.
    5)Two Weeks Notice (Sandra Bullock can do no wrong in my eyes)
    6) You’ve Got Mail – Tom Hanks is….Tom Hanks. Just awesomeness personified.
    7) Just Friends – Ryan Reynolds. OH my.