I doubt that when two people come together to make a child that the thought of who will eventually have full custody comes to mind. Many believe that no matter what, the mother is always the favored parent in custody battles, but should the sex of the child be more of a determinant when it comes to who gets custody?

Yes, first and foremost the parent who is the most fit should be the no. 1 factor, but when both parents are fit how is the final decision made? I remember in the movie,”Boyz-in-the Hood” when Lawrence Fishburne’s character told the mother of his child (Angela Bassett) that only men can raise men. This was after she called Fishburne when their son was about 8-years-old and agreed that he needed to be with his father at this point in his life.

I notice that single mothers who have boys always start to look for a great male figure to be around their sons once they reach a certain age. They understand that there are just some things that only a man can teach their son and that once a boy gets to a certain age he is quicker to take advice from a man than his mother. The same is true for single fathers with daughters. At some point they want their daughters to be around women who can teach them all the things that they can’t.

I know that there are a lot of children who were raised by a parent of the opposite sex and came out great, but should the child’s sex be more of a factor when granting custody?


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