Oh, dear. This is what self-hate and internalized racism looks like folks.

Recently, someone shared this tragic video with me and while it’s incredibly idiotic, I’m sharing it with you because whoever this dude is…he needs a talking to. Umm…get your cousin, folks.

I’m not mad at this woman. She’s woefully ignorant and annoying. But my beef is with this guy, who–instead of putting a stop to her offensive statements–agreed with what she was saying.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of those women who thinks all black men are one white woman away from leaving the race, nor do I think there’s anything wrong with interracial dating. However, I do have a problem with men who will allow someone to disrespect all black women–which includes their mother, sisters, daughters, or cousins–in an effort to curry favor from white women.

While this video is indeed offensive and inflammatory, and will certainly bring out the trolls who lurk on this site (yes, I see you), I think it’s important to shine a light on ignorance wherever it occurs and let men like this guy know that his compulsion to side with foolishness will not be tolerated.

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  • Cia

    One…I suspect he is on something and not taking the conversation as something that is serious. He is just laughing like a fool. Two…I feel bad for this dude’s mother, aunties, or sisters….they have to be heartbroken to see this video.

    This is just sad. Not really upsetting but sad.

    • Kinectic

      It may be sad but it’s the truth…

    • mids

      how is it the truth? I don’t believe that all white people are racist like this ugly woman and that all black men are self-hating like this stupid guy

  • And we’re supposed to give a big hairy damn because? I mean seriously what does this have to do with us? What is this compulsive need so many black women seem to have that anytime a jack leg black man farts we have to be there to smell it? You act like museum curators collecting the best and brightest of the black woman hating vitriol to share with all and sundry. Again, why should we care what the hell this guy says and does? Are any of us bumping uglies with him? Are any of us on his payroll? No? That being the case how is any of this germane to us? I’m not warching the video. I refuse to pollute my psyche with the putrid mouthings of morons. Indeed, I rarely listen to or read anything written by a black man on the internet. Most of the time it’s either self-serving nonsense, or even worse it’s this type of viciousness. I have no idea what their problem is, nor do I give two good goddamns, I just wish black women would stop collecting and sharing it like Birkins at a two for one sale.

    • niki

      LMBO!! Tell how you really feel!

    • Mina

      Yes! Yes!!! Amen! I concur!!!

    • Toppin

      Amen. This site only post ish like this to get hits. I mean think about it…why the hell would you post this foolishness on a site for black women??? Not just this nonsense but the Kevin Hart nonsense too.

    • anony.mous


    • That’s how I felt too! This guy looks like a typical thug with all those tattoos! Is his neck actually tattooed? I am not jealous about the way she looks that’s for sure! If White women want men like him they can have them because he doesn’t look like a catch to me. I wonder why she isn’t with a White man though? Maybe they think she is too low class and sleazy??? I have natural hair and I don’t have an attitude, but I’m not interested in attracting White men anyway so I really don’t care about this video.

      I also wonder why it was posted? To make Black women feel bad about themselves? To scare them into being submissive to no-good men. Yes, this woman may cater to her man but from what I have heard, “catering” means a whole new level of disgusting to White women. Black women won’t go so low.

    • Alexandra

      And there it is; I agree as well. Last sentence made me chuckle. Haha.

      I’m 50-50 about Black men on the internet, not all are negative, however the vocal minority makes the most noise/gets the most hits.

    • Alicia


    • Chloe

      Very well said. *slow clap*

    • TheBestAnonEver, Part 2

      Brilliant. This is all that needs to be said.

    • Mya

      Is she seriously talking about fake hair when hers looks like roadkill? I don’t understand what the point of posting videos. Okay, so there are self hating, ignorant black guys and greasy, cheap, low class white girls they love hooking up with. Yeah, until the white girl screams “rape” or her daddy gets wind of things, then them knuckled head brothas are trying to get our support (OJ, Tiger, Kanye, Diddy) when shit goes south…and it always does. Whatever.

  • Toppin

    Oh sh-it….the nothing but a brother set are about to be p-issed off…hurt feelings and all this comment section is about to blow up.

    This video has no effect on my type (i.e., those not checking for black men). I could careless what any black man thinks about black women. That is one of the benefits of not being invested in black males period.

    This video is why I keep telling these broads to STOP jumping up defending black men/males whenever something happens to them in this country. Let this chick in this video take up a petition and march on their behalf. They have no respect for you so return the favor. When something else happens to a black man in this country let Maria, Becky, Ling Ming take to the streets protesting on their behalf….let’s just see how that ish works out.

    • HowApropos…

      I agree with everything you wrote, Toppin.

      The thing is they want us to care. These type of bw/ww pairs feed off the reactions of others, especially black women because many do not disappoint to give them what they need as far as the mean glares, side-eyes, teeth-sucking, etc.

      The thing is, I don’t see many black women even getting upset about that anymore because we all got the memo decades ago. So, many are heeding the message and seeking elsewhere.

      But they don’t want you to stop giving them attention. They want black women to still get upset, so they ‘act out’ in so many ways, via YouTube, rap songs, comedy skits, what have you, talking so bad about black women, just so they can get what they need for an ego boost.

      The idea that black women stay mad about their union is what keeps it going. If you don’t pay them any attention, they become redundant to the point that they become an afterthought.

      I say stop feeding them and let them become obscure.

      And you’re right, Toppin. It’s so much easier when one is not vested in the whims and/or concerns of black males.

    • bossman

      Don’t forget to add peace at the end of your typings.

    • CHE


      Please dont waste your breathe on the NBAB set….just do you. If rap music/ hip hop, racism and colorism directed at them by Black men hasnt woken them up yet…well….avoid and ignore these fools.
      Some Black women will never catch a clue..even if you bye them one.

    • Chloe

      I totally agree.
      BTW* I’m tired of mess like this being posted on this site.

    • sandi

      money is the real power. stop giving your money to black men or any other party who disrespects black women. no more black movies starring “ignant” black males, rap songs, television shows, books, etc. keep your $$ in your pocket or share with other progressive black females

  • I was just watching this on WorldStar and I can only hope that the black women in his family does not see this. Especially if the black women in his life opened their home to her (I’m assuming they’re dating) and were completely welcoming to her without realizing she had all of those negative preconceived notions about them is disheartening.

    Somebody needs to have an ole’ fashion sit down with that young man and quick. To just sit there and allow her to speak so negatively about his own race is just; I’m not sure what it is, but it troubles me.

  • Mina

    “This video has no effect on my type (i.e., those not checking for black men). I could careless what any black man thinks about black women. That is one of the benefits of not being invested in black males period.”

    I agree, I agree!!! For real!!! And guess what, they always come crawling back too when the going gets tough smh! LMAO! It’s a real laugh!

    • alldawg

      i doubt it, just refer to kevin harts cartoon. Why would he go back, he may view you the same way you view him.

    • Mina

      No, no, no. That’s not what I’m saying. What I’m saying is, for black guys who complain about black women and get at white girls. They end up going back to black women to complain about the relationship. Like they want a black friend who’s a girl or something. I know plenty of guys who hated themselves and dated white women. All they did was brag about them, calling them snow bunnies and when the going got tough, they wanted to come and holla at me or be my friend. I was like, f*ck that! You snooze you lose and I laughed at their face and told them I hate guys who have low self esteem and talk sh*t about others just to boost their egos. And now those same guys, supposedly hate women and are taking a break from them all. SMH.