Sometimes the world can just get a little much, and you need a good ol’ laugh. When I begin to feel overwhelmed by the glut of depressing news, I turn to my old standbys: old films, good music, The Cosby Show, and YouTube.

Even if you’ve had the worst day ever, nothing can lift your mood faster than a hearty laugh, and thankfully you don’t even need a TV (or a house full of friends) to get one. These days entertainment has moved online, and with the simple click of a mouse, or scroll of a phone, you can watch whatever soothes you.

(Warning: foul language & laughter may ensue)

When I need a little pick-me-up, I turn to the classics: Cosby, Chris Rock, Dave Chappelle, Ellen Cleghorne, Sinbad (yes…Sinbad!) and too many shows to list. Almost instantly, laughter engulfs me, and I’m feeling better…at least for a little while.

But how about you? Which comedian do you turn to when you need a good laugh?

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