Well Clutchettes, the weekend is over and many of us are heading back to school and work. While we may not be looking forward to it (it IS Monday after all), today marks a new beginning and a fresh start to get it right.

No matter what happened last week (or last night), each day gives us another chance to learn from our mistakes and triumphs to build the life that we want.

While catching up on my Lifeclass¬†reruns, I watched this video clip of motivational guru Tony Robbins sharing the three keys to success. Although we’d like to think being successful is damn-near impossible, Ribbins breaks it down to three simple steps: have a strategy (how are you going to do it?), change your story (what are you telling yourself that keeps you stuck?), and develop a quality state (change your mind to be in a better ‘state’).

Easy, right?

Check it out and let me know what you think!

Happy Monday!

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  • Jai

    What a great piece to start the week with!

  • HoneyDew

    Thanks for this!!! I just bookmarked this page!!!!!

  • AllyS

    This is great! I had been in a depressed funk recently, and I have a friend who always says to me, “There’s the facts, then, there’s the story you’re telling yourself.” Robbins’ words touch on the same idea: Attitude – “state” – and story can affect you to the point that even having a strategy won’t do any good. You have to tell yourself the right story. Example: The facts–you haven’t had a date in a year. However the story that you’re telling yourself could become, “No one wants me.” Or, you haven’t been hired for a job after multiple interviews, or made it into the graduate program you wanted to be accepted to. And then the story becomes, “I’m not a good candidate,” or “I guess I’m not smart enough/I’m not accomplished enough,” etc, etc, etc. Not only does this kind of thinking bring you down, it allows you to dismiss the REALITY of the situation, that could teach you a lesson and help you learn how to TRY AGAIN, or re-frame your goals effectively.

    I’m just starting to learn for myself that this kind of negativity can cripple your actions, your mind, and your self esteem, and thus beginning to shift my mind set. I’m glad I’m starting to get it sooner rather than later. This video is another great reminder.

  • Shelly