“The only reason you don’t have everything you want in your own life is simple and irrefutable. You don’t love yourself enough to believe you deserve everything you want.” – Lisa McCourt

What do you really want your ideal life to look like? Are you in a committed relationship? Married? Happily single? A business owner or a high-powered member of the team? Are you a traveler? Own your own home? Happy?

As I mentioned yesterday we have the tools we need to make anything happen in our lives–we are smart enough to know when to ask for help, talented enough to work hard under pressure, beautiful (inside and out) enough to attract love–so what’s holding us back?

Often times, despite putting on a good front like we’ve got it going on, deep down we don’t love and value ourselves enough to think that we deserve exactly what we want out of life. But let me hip you to game: you do; you just have to believe it.

As we go into the weekend, take some time to think about what you REALLY want out of life and why you don’t have it (or aren’t on the road to getting it yet). You not only have to want it, you also have to know it’s totally possible for you.

Happy Friday!

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  • princ essa

    creates this sense of entitlement, creates spoiled unpleasant ppl to know.

  • Tami

    I don’t believe this quote at all…In a perfect world, people can have anything they want with a lot of effort, belief & sacrifice. However, there are circumstances that sometime prevent this. When I was laid off in 2006, I took that time to work on a novel. I completed it & self published it in 2008. Did I become the overnight success that I believe that i should have been? Especially, after reading some of the work that is out here? No I did not & I know I have skills & can tell a good story…I want to be married again. Believe I am beautiful & loving. Yet, that hasn’t happened, because I haven’t met the right one. Life is a challenge, full of ups and downs. Some things you will have, some you won’t. Not having everything doesn’t mean that you didn’t try hard enough or your belief system isn’t strong enough.

    • Shelly

      You’re still living. It’s not over…you can still have those things you want. You can still get married, you still have the chance to become the success you believed you could be.