“There is no such thing as a lack of faith. We all have plenty of faith, it’s just that we have faith in the wrong things. We have faith in what can’t be done rather than what can be done. We have faith in lack rather than abundance but there is no lack of faith. Faith is a law.” – Eric Butterworth

Too often we believe the worst about ourselves and the world. We think we aren’t smart enough, capable enough, or we think that the world or our families or our so-called friends are conspiring against us, but in reality, we can only control what we believe and how we react.

Although we may lose faith in ourselves, often times we believe our worst press.

While there are bad people and situations in the world, above all else we need to have an unyielding amount of faith in ourselves and our abilities. Remember Clutchettes, find the right people who will have you back, have faith in yourself, and continue on the path toward your dreams.

Happy Wednesday!

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  • OSHH

    I put my Faith in GOD and am striving to see and identify myself the way the LORD see’s and identifies me.

  • entro

    In my experience having faith in myself has not been enough at times. Sometimes you come to the end of yourself when there is no more to give no more resources, no more you can do. So now I put my faith in God first, he has never failed me, this does not absolve me of any responsibility to achieve because FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD , so eventhough Im trusting God for many things i also have to play an active part in realizing my dream. If my dream is to have a new job I still have to look and trust God will direct me to where I need to be , Its not going to happen if I never look.
    Believe me He has never failed me, Ive been through many diffiulties and tragedies and hardships, he has always been there and delivered me through many impossible situations, he has done more than I could think or imagine

  • Dreaming

    It’s easy to believe in the worst about the world or even yourself when life continues to only show you one side of things.

  • Elle Michelle

    Thank you for this quote! Truer words have never been spoken. I’m calibrating my faith.