“If you were granted one wish, and only one, what would it be? Of all things…wealth, power, wisdom, love, liberty…what would you choose? This may seem fanciful; not so, IT IS REALITY. What you choose to think about, to concentrate on with all your mental power, will, indeed, become a relity. So choose carefully.” –¬†Thomas D. Willhite

Thoughts have power. And while it may seem like we have little control over our situations, how we think and what we constantly say to ourselves matters.

Do you always say you’re tired, stressed out, or broke? Well, you probably are those things, not because of the circumstances of your life, but because you’re only speaking negativity into your life.

Despite our circumstances we have the power to change our lives, and it starts with your thoughts. Once you believe with your whole heart you can do something you’ll start to work harder toward that goal.

Happy Wednesday!

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