“The real person you are is revealed in the moments when you’re certain no other person is watching. When no one is watching, you are driven by what you expect of yourself.” – Ralph S. Marston, Jr.

Most of us place high expectations on ourselves, but a lot of the time, these expectations are based on what other people will think of us. We don’t want our families, friends, or significant others to be disappointed, shocked, hurt, or judge us so we go about fitting ourselves into what we think posits us in the best possible light. But if what you think they want you to be conflicts with what you want to be, you have a problem. And in the end, you may end up feeling regretful and unhappy.

While it may be difficult to be the real, authentically authentic you, you owe it to yourself. Not only will you be happier, but you’ll be better equipped to love and support those who have your back. If they’re truly your friends and family they will do just that.

Who are you really, Clutchettes?

Happy Wednesday!

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