From Frugivore — There are quite a few sexual acts and creative measures that you and your partner can do in bed. But one male hot spot that often slips under the radar, is one of that is a sure fire way of getting your man off — an internal prostate massage.

I know what you’re thinking. But upon some research, I’ve found that it’s one of the most sexually healthy and stimulating techniques that a man can receive. Also known as milking, it’s known to drive a man crazy while helping him fight disorders of the prostate. Here’s the proper way to do it, according to an article over at the Tampa Bay Daily Loaf:

“Your fingers will need to be able to reach at least one inch into your partner’s anus in order to reach the prostate. The best position for us is with my husband on his back, legs spread. If you don’t wear gloves make sure that your nails are short, clean and have no snags. Also, have plenty of lube on standby.”

(Read the rest at Frugivore)

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  • 2cents

    He’s my man, I’d massage anything.

  • Ash

    I don’t see what the big deal is. I did it to my boyfriend once. He didn’t like it and said it made he feel like he needed to go to the bathroom. However, he really loved having his taint rubbed, so that’s what we do now (but only after I watch him shower, lol).

  • rock

    The whole Anal thing to me has always been that thing that you see in online porn and its cool there but I’m not really interested in actually doing it in real life. Mainly because there’s so much other stuff to do and lick and eat in bed. It seems like once you go the anal route, playtime is over and its time to shower lol.

    But to all the guys that are like “if you take a finger you might as well take a d!c$….do you feel the same way about getting oral from your woman? Lets be real, anyone could do that too. its not the act its the people involved….I cant take credit for that, a woman actually used that argument trying to convince me lol