Looking back at photos of the sneaker stiletto look that went out of style nearly 10 years ago makes most fashionistas cringe, but somehow the trend has reemerged this summer in the form of a wedge. This time around though, the look is getting a sophisticated upgrade via the backing of top designers like Ash and Giuseppe.

Just in time for the Spring/Summer, Marc Jacobs has dropped his own line of sneaker wedges in enough colors to fit every outfit in your closet. For a cool $320, you can pick up a pair in white, black, red, or blue, or a couple of different color combinations in those hues. From the celebs seen rocking the trend, this time around ladies are using this sneaker to dress up a sporty look rather than make skirts and dresses more relaxed, which is why it seems to be working so far. If you want a casual shoe that still gives you some height, sneaker wedges offer the best of both words.

Would You Rock ‘Em?

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  • Tifani

    Most definitley … they are crazy-cute!!!!!!!!!

  • Mik

    They are cute…. dont really look like a wedge :)

  • bohemia

    I saw a cuter version at Diesel a while ago….I don’t really like the M.Jacobs so much…

  • royalty

    Absolutely would rock. Cute. Cnt afford them but love them.

  • I’ll rock them alright! The solid coloured ones I mean. Check out my wedge sneaker picks: http://www.alexiscoronado.com/2012/04/current-lust-wedge-sneakers.html