Let VH1 tell it, women, especially black women, cannot be friends. Nothing is further from the truth. Women can actually be great life long friends, outside of the normal bumps in the road. However, just because the world likes to focus on our friendship dynamics doesn’t mean we know all there is to know about this friendship life. Men actually have really great friendships too, and even though the spotlight isn’t always on their bromances, men could actually teach us a thing or two. Check out these three things I think women can learn from men about friendships.

Honesty Is Key
By nature some of us women are sugarcoaters, we can’t help it. We don’t want to be brutally honest because we don’t want to hurt your feelings with the harsh truth so we kind of tell little white lies or make little suggestions that will hopefully get you to see things a different way. We do it for everything from clothing choices to relationships, it’s in our nature. The problem with that is it can cause more problems in the end. Men, for the most part, are honest almost to a fault. They will tell their boy like it is about any and everything…and they’ll tell us too. It’s the reason why they’d rather not comment if you ask “Honey, do I look fat in this?” We probably couldn’t handle the “Hell yeah!” they would give us, but it’s that honesty that keeps their friendships virtually drama free. If you’re always open and honest with your friend, even when the truth hurts, you build a foundation that will keep your friendship rock solid for life.

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  • Jinx Moneypenny

    Or, you could just look at the friendships you have with men already. The most insight you will ever get is from a man, speaking frankly on his friendships with other men. You can’t get that from another woman.

  • Socially Maladjusted


    what I’ve noticed about female friendships is the fakeness.

    The over the top coo-ing and ooh-ing and jump around happy, clappyness over dumb shit.

    How do you stand it and why can’t you just –

    git down.


    and when they bring the shit to you, it’s like –

    sit down, it weren’t that good.

    Don’t try and put the fakeness on me. LOL!

    I call it nice white lady syndrome.

    You know – the always positive smiley white chick. They just wear you down with the perpetual positivity – first thing in the morning too, when all you wanna do is be pissed off –

    for no reason.

    ha ha . . .

    b itch it’s too early for all this joy can ya tone it down a lil and let’s see the world for how it really is for a minute.

    Lotta black chicks are going the nice white lady route hence all ooh-ing and coo-ing among themselves over dumb shit

    can’t lie though, I kinda like it. No angry black woman syndrome here.

    if I was lookin for someone to wife up it’d be a cooing and ooh-ing sket all day.

    I don’t want no moody hag around me.

    Viva la difference.