Often times art imitates life, and while we shouldn’t turn to the media for relationship role models, getting caught up in the love lives of some of our favorite on-screen characters can be a whole lot of fun.

From Nina and Darius to Cliff and Clair, many have used on-screen lovers as a litmus test for what they’d like to see in their own lives. And while no real-life relationship should be based on a scripted one, we can use their example to pick out traits we want from our on-screen inspirations.

But what happens when a couple you’re rooting for just doesn’t make it?

Here are 3 TV couples we wanted to see work out!

Joan & Brock

When Joan met Brock, the couple seemed destined to be together. Although he was Ellis’ (Joan’s then-boyfriend) manager, the pair seemed to click in such a way that caught them both off guard. Unlike the other men who Joan seemed to have some sort of issue with, Brock was her match in every way…except he didn’t want to have kids. Brock wanted to travel the world and experience life with Joan, and Joan…well, she wanted it all. Although they were both honest about their intention in the end, I can’t help thinking they would have made each other immensely happy in the end.

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