From Frugivore — Obesity is a big problem … literally and figuratively. More Americans are overweight now than ever before, and more of us are dying because of it. While no one will say being overweight is the best thing next to sliced bread, there is a prevailing myth that it is impossible to be fat and healthy.

Most of us assume that small equals healthy and big equals death, but the truth is your size doesn’t always 100% determine how healthy you are. Many people have achieved the ideal height-weight ratio and have a host of health problems that someone three times their size doesn’t deal with. Here are three ways to tell that you are overweight, but healthy.

You Move

No I don’t mean move as in from the fridge to the couch, move as in you get in a moderate amount of physical activity. Sure you don’t go hard in the gym 5 days a week and you most certainly had Popeye’s for lunch, but you do get in a good walk or workout DVD at least once a week and your daily schedule keeps you up and moving most of the day. No matter your size, if you aren’t up and moving the only benefit from your couch potato lifestyle will be a shorter life span.

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