gunmetal-shadow1There’s a reason mascara is the one makeup product most women say they can’t do without. We love long lashes and a coat or two of a good mascara will give our eyes just enough pop to feel presentable to the world.

If you weren’t so blessed in the lash department, you may have turned to falsies to achieve more length. And though false lashes are great for special occasions when you want to be glammed up, it’s not easy to master the technique of putting them on properly plus it takes a significant amount of time, and they can really be too much in some settings. But don’t worry, cosmetics companies have started to realize most women want a natural-looking length for their lashes and mascaras with fiber systems that promise more length on your lids are becoming the norm. If you haven’t had a chance to get in on this new trend, do it now and save yourself the trouble of falsies. Here are four mascaras we recommend.


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  • Ashley H

    I had to jump on the Maybelline bandwagon! I love the One by One Volum Express. I’m always asked if my lashes are real. It’s really good and super cheap. Like $7 cheap! Defnitely worth the money !

  • Melissa

    Maybelline mascaras is good quality for the price but if you really want long, thick, voluminous lashes try the Chanel inimitable multidimention sophistique masquara. It cost $30 and this is a luxury for me. I have long lashes already and when I use this mascara, people think I have on fake lashes. I didn’t think mascara could make my eyes pop like this. I have not found a cheaper product to match my Chanel mascara yet.

    • Bronze

      I’ll have to write inimitable mulitdimention down and hand it over to the sales person. I’ll have stuttering attack if I try to sound that out….and I don’t even stutter.

    • Melissa

      Lol! I hope you like it!

  • Cha Cha

    The Falsies is the best….Maybelline hit the mark with that one.

  • Yolahn

    Falsies by Maybeline…hands down!

  • I’m not a huge, let’s ‘pour on makeup by the loads ’till we look like Sideshow Bob’ kind of girl, but I’ve been applying the stuff since I was 12. It’s not rocket science, like some girls make it seem, but experimentation can be fun–so long as you’re not wearing a mask. That said, as great as lipsticks, shadows, liner and bronzers are, I like to feel that it’s mostly “Me” there, so I’ll keep my routine simple most days– Moisturized skin, followed by a light and creamy foundation to even out the skin tone, maybe some translucent powder (to set), a pump or two of a facial spritz (I make my own) to also set and keep things dewy (a combo of water, rosewater, glycerine), a popping (but natural looking) blush, and some kick-ass mascara that can go all day. I find that spending a little extra on foundation is the way to go when determining where to put your money (especially if you want something that stays put–cheap foundation comes off on everything and everyone), but you don’t really have to drop a wad on items like Mascara to get a decent look that lasts. It’s really about how you use it; ie: how many coats you apply, how dark the formula is, whether or not you curl your lashes, how long and conditioned your lashes are, etc. Personally, I find that Maybelline rarely fails in this department; so, I’ve got to go old school and recommend Maybelline Great Lash. It’s been around for decades, but I recently picked up their new Lots of Lashes version–guys, the wand is fabulous. Gives me those wet looking, sweeping babydoll lashes (defined, long and plump); and it’s less than $6 bucks. I haven’t tried the waterproof formula, but the standard formula on Great Lash really lasts–it doesn’t really smudge, unless you really get it sopping wet and start rubbing at it. I work out in it– no smudgies! Loving it.