gunmetal-shadow1There’s a reason mascara is the one makeup product most women say they can’t do without. We love long lashes and a coat or two of a good mascara will give our eyes just enough pop to feel presentable to the world.

If you weren’t so blessed in the lash department, you may have turned to falsies to achieve more length. And though false lashes are great for special occasions when you want to be glammed up, it’s not easy to master the technique of putting them on properly plus it takes a significant amount of time, and they can really be too much in some settings. But don’t worry, cosmetics companies have started to realize most women want a natural-looking length for their lashes and mascaras with fiber systems that promise more length on your lids are becoming the norm. If you haven’t had a chance to get in on this new trend, do it now and save yourself the trouble of falsies. Here are four mascaras we recommend.


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