One of the things we love so much about being girls is that when it comes to fashion, there pretty much isn’t anything that’s off limits—including dressing like a man. We know walking around the house in your man’s Oxford button down shirt is one of the sexiest things he likes to see you in, but there are ways you can incorporate a bit of his style into your wardrobe outside of the house as well.

As much as we like being pretty and cute and wearing clothes that show off our figure, sometimes we can’t help but be a bit jealous at the relaxed looks men are able to pull off handsomely without much effort. Luckily, female designers and the trendsetters of the world have heard our cries and there are now plenty of ways we can borrow a little bit from menswear but still pretty it up to be cute and comfy fashionistas. Check out our favorite ways to still be a lady, only dressed (sort of) like a man.

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  • OohLaLa

    I honestly cannot understand all the raving about this girl, Janelle Monae, from a style standpoint. She’s like the “Doug” (the cartoon) of the music industry. She literally wears the same exact outfit everyday, maybe with a few minor alterations. No versatility whatsoever. So over the pompadour too.

    But I do like the menswear look. Especially boyfriend jeans… so relaxed but still fashionable if you style them right.

    • Carrie

      Agreed, She’s gorgeous,and always looks good, but she wears the same thing over and over. I never know where and when she is during pictures because they all look the same.