Popular ’90s comedienne Yvette Wilson is best known for her roles in Friday and as Andell Wilkerson in Moesha and The Parkers. But the tragic story of her recent medical and financial woes is picking up a bit of media steam. Wilson has been diagnosed with Stage 4 cervical cancer and has also experienced kidney failure. She is currently in search of a donor and a fund has been set up in her honor, to defray the mounting costs of her medical care.

You can visit and donate to the Yvette Wilson Fund here. And the NewsOne website has more information on Wilson’s case, as well as what some superstitious fans have begun calling the “Moesha curse.” (Wilson is the fifth cast regular or guest star to meet a fatal or near-fatal circumstance.)

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  • MsQuita

    So sad. Praying for her….

  • Shannon

    Aww man this is so sad but nice to know this is posted and people are showing they care, hope and pray she gets the help she needs. Also, I have never heard of this alleged “Moesha Curse” of course everyone knows Bernie Mac has passed and the guy who played Hakeem, but who are the other three cast members? Are they counting Brandy? when she was involved in that fatal (for someone else) car accident?

  • Brigitte

    My brother hasn’t worked in years and pays for a health insurance plan. Sounds like she just didn’t bother with it. Too bad, I really like her and hope the best for her….

  • bubbleme

    Loved Yvette on Moesha! Saddened when I heard the news! I can continue to watch her in reruns!

    • Melancholy Soul

      I jus saw on Twitter that she passed.