Is a call to mentorship tugging your heartstrings? Do you need to reignite your passion for investing in the lives on young girls? If so, take fifteen minutes this afternoon and watch Liberian social activist and Nobel Peace Prize winner Leymah Gbowee’s TED Talk on unlocking greatness in girls. Gbowee discusses her personal struggles and path to accomplishment and sheds light on the near-hopeless circumstances of Liberian girls who’ve been forced into prostitution and left to raise multiple children alone. She stresses the importance of simply creating space for young girls whose dreams have been shunted by the hardships they’ve faced. Her organization, the Young Girls Transformative Project, emphasizes leadership, education, and commitment to social change.

Her call to action extends to women here in the States:

“I don’t have much to ask of you. Girls in this country have wishes for a better life. A girl in the Bronx, a girl in downtown LA, a girl in Texas, a girl in New Jersey. Will you journey with me to help that girl?… All they need us to do is create that space to unlock that intelligence, unlock that passion, unlock the greatness within them. Let’s journey together.”

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