A friend of mine once said she feels bad for men. She finds the fact that movies, television shows, and advertising are always trying to arouse their sexual senses by selling sex right along with whatever product is being pushed in the form of a nearly naked woman – or girl – unfair. I would imagine the creators of a new documentary, “Are All Men Pedophiles,” would agree with her.

In its simplest definition, a pedophile is an adult who is sexually attracted to children. There are all sorts of negative connotations that come along with that and this stamp is a label that’s almost given to men until proven otherwise. Mothers are always hesitant to leave their young children in the care of not just male friends or acquaintances, but even male family members. And though men who act on these urges are often considered to have psychiatric disorders or to just be plain “sick,” this film suggests all men may have a little pedophile in them, so to speak, because of the images that are pushed on them.

With interviews from Muslim and Christian leaders, model scouts, psychologists, and sexologists, this documentary examines the global impact of pedophilia from a cultural and professional perspective. We know in some places girls are married as young as 9 and 10 years old in ceremonious ways steeped in cultures that say attraction to young girls is natural. In America, we don’t support that type of sexualization but we do push it in others ways, particularly the fashion industry. Vogue recently banned any models under the age of 16 but that’s just one glossy out of a sea of mags that typically uses girls around the age of 13 to sell clothes and fantasies—which is problematic to both women and men.  The filmmakers say it is that hypocrisy of encouraging men to look but not touch young girls who they may not even be aware are in fact adolescents, that begs the question, are all men pedophiles? But in asking that, the creators are also suggesting men have zero control over their sexual urges which is a stereotype males have increasingly been attempting to fight lately, and that they all feel aroused when they come across these images which isn’t fair either.Watch the trailer and tell us your thoughts.

Does society play a role in pedophilia by pushing images of young girls on men?

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  • anne

    Ok we are not blind yes we can look . when im at the pool with my kids i see guys on the swim team and say yes that are built very good. But only the sickos would do more than look. They are children. anyone under the age of 21 is off limits.

  • armando

    All I know is I’m really, really sick of meeting 50-year-old men who think it’s normal to be attracted to 14-year-olds.

    • Aaron

      It’s not Ok. but sadly I think it is normal (widespread) than most people realize.

      I agree with a poster above about ephebophilia being much more widespread than pedophilia, at least from my experience with other guys.

      We really need to have a pill or a procedure to reboot people’s sexuality. If I could become gay- I would.

      Another thing I would say is that I think the risk of violence against pedophiles keeps the rate of sexual assaults on children up. No sane person who was sexually attracted to children would ever admit that they were sexually attracted to them because of the risk to their body and person. Thus there is no chance for ephebophiles and pedophiles to do the right thing and seek help. The male culture of sexualizing young women on one hand and “protecting” them on the other assures that this unhealthy dynamic is maintained in the culture.

      I read somewhere up top about how “men control their hormones, males are controlled by their hormones,” but really this gives the impression that somehow we can ‘control’ our sexuality through willpower. A view that is just plain wrong. We have no ‘control’ over our hormones just our behavior and even people often need help in learning how to have appropriate behavior.

      I’m glad that this film is coming out and I hope it leads us to fortunate action.

  • Pondereerr

    Agree with you fully un untill end of “Some act on it and some don’t. There is no cure because …”
    > because … it is in the genes. It would not have made sense for male ancestors to see first signs of fertility on female ancestors but wait, not get turned on for several year. Eighteen years was middle age for humans in some time periods, still is someplaces today. So getting turned on by first signs of sexual maturity in females is natural for males.
    Then there is another angle, due to great access to calories nowdays female humans are showing these signs lots earlier than 50 years ago.
    N. b. that on pictures (screens) proportional size can not be easily measured, for most males the urges aroused by first signs of sexual maturity are cancelled out if the female is obviously to small to get pregnant.

  • Nick

    This is insulting and dangerous. There’s no point in discussing this as anything other than a crock of shit. I don’t give the time of day to people who claim that blacks are violent, women are bad drivers, or liberals support terrorism, and whatever this project has set out to do has been swallowed up by halfwits who want to use the sentiment without the evidence to justify their stupid fears and beliefs.

  • PJ

    On the one hand, this needs to be talked about.

    On the other hand, the film (and the title) demonizes men for the uncontrollable fact of happening to be born with a penis. And it ignores the many many women sexually attracted to children too (just reported less).