We can’t say for certain if Demi Moore was the absolute first pregnant celebrity to pose nude on the cover of a major magazine, but ever since her famous Vanity Fair spread 21 years ago, every expectant celebrity mother has attempted to recreate the unabashed motherly glow she demonstrated in 1991, and frankly it’s getting a tad old.

What’s not tired is what the nude pregnant photos stand for. Not many women are comfortable posing nude period, let alone when they are carrying more weight because they are also carrying a child. That type of confidence could never expire. But what has given us the, “just another naked celeb pic” feel is the lack of creativity that goes into the photos now. You can almost bet the woman will be standing to the front or side with either her hands or hair covering her breasts and a protruding belly blocking everything else. We’ve already seen that.

Maybe it’s just that so many big-name celebs have become mommies recently that the trend seems like overkill. In the last year or so we’ve seen Mariah Carey, Jessica Simpson, Nia Long, and now Julia Restoin-Roitfeld in the same buff beauty of expectant motherhood—even Love and Hip-Hop reality star Yandy Smith has posed for a similar pic with her child’s father. The pics have come to be expected and that’s when they sort of lose their “wow” factor. Pregnancy is also something very personal and intimate and sharing these types of photos with the public sometimes makes the photo shoot seem like just another publicity stunt rather than any statement about the beauty of motherhood or the pregnant body. We definitely don’t want expectant mommies to stop showing off their perfect pregnancy glow, we just want to see something a little more new and a little less sensational.

What do you think about pregnant celebs posing in the buff?

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