He walks into the dimly lit bar and you instantly take notice. He’s Street Etiquette fly. He’s reblog-you-on-Tumblr fly. He sits next to you at the bar and you’re ready to give him your best smile and say hello. Your mind is intrigued and you’re hoping your body language says the same. The bar tender approaches and your future boo says, “I’ll have a lemon-drop.” Instantly you think ________________.

Listening to the remix of Elle Varner’s “Refill,” I let out a slight chuckle at the number of times T-Pain referenced his favorite pink sparkling champagne. I always wonder how rappers and singers decide which brands they will name-drop or endorse. I’m always curious if there is a consultant somewhere telling them exactly how a certain drink does or doesn’t fit with their image. Then I wonder what happens when the handsome fellow at the bar orders Moscato. If you’re both sipping cosmos, do you feel some kind of way?

When you’re at the bar, do you pay attention to what a man orders? How much do you think you can tell about his drink choice? Are you looking at type of liquor, number of drinks, or how long he’s at the bar solo? And if you do believe that you can tell a lot about a guy from his drink, what does your drink choice says about you?

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  • binks

    No, some men just don’t like hard liquor. I know many guys who like fruity drinks or so called “girl drinks”. People generally drink what they like, and they don’t have to order a drink to impress others or to escape stereotyping. Besides lemon -drops are the bomb : ) but I don’t drink to often so I wouldn’t care one way or the other…shrugs

  • He could be dranking water from a toilet for all I care. What I truly do care is, his SHOES!—————->they are the windows to his soul for me.

    @ Tonton,

    Hey mista!!!! Me no c u long long time. How you been bro?!

    • @African Mami

      I was wondering where you been hiding, it got boring in here with out you.

    • awww. thanks! I’m good oo. I c u still holding down the male forte on Clutch. In case you’ve never been told, male perspective is highly appreciated-it does reduce the period flaw in hurr!!! :)

  • JC

    “I always wonder how rappers and singers decide which brands they will name-drop or endorse”


  • I mean I usually make fun of them if their sippin on a sex on the beach or something. Its usually pretty funny and a good way to break the ice. I won’t refuse to date a dude for sippin on colorful drinks, but he’ll prolly get the message when I’m ordering gin & tonics and he’s sippin through a colorful straw.