When Beyonce took to the red carpet at last year’s MTV Awards rocking an orange Grecian-inspired dress and proudly cupping her belly, you knew ish was about to get real.

And when she glowed through “Love on Top,” confidently popping open her jacket, rubbing her belly and smiling ear-to-ear while her hubby saluted her, you knew she had just created a monster (and I don’t mean Blue Ivy.

Immediately the world went apeshit. Twitter erupted, news shows reported on Beyonce’s growing baby bump like it had the nuclear codes, and the stans and haters waged a world war of snark. So it was no surprise that after “folding-gate” (when her stomach seemed to “fold” in half while preggo) people began to question whether or not Beyonce was actually pregnant, because you know, she clearly can’t really be THIS happy about having a baby.

Recently, People magazine named Beyonce the most beautiful woman in the world, and in the accompanying article she addressed the rumors floating around about her pregnancy. When asked how she felt about people speculating about whether or not she’d hired a surrogate, Bey brushed the critics off.

“That was crazy,” she told People. “It wasn’t hurtful, it was just crazy. [I thought] ‘Where did they come up with this?'”

I guess Bey hasn’t heard of any of the nusto things people have had to say about her or else she would have been prepared for the onslaught of speculation and criticism during her pregnancy.

But in case she’s still surfing on the cloud of Blue Ivey baby, I’m here to school her to the crazy things people think about her so she’ll be prepared for the next round of crazy talk that’s sure to come with baby # 2 or, you know, whenever she walks down the street.

Shall we get started?

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  • libby

    @ Chic Noir
    There is family another version to tell about the Knowles.

    Little sister teen mom and had a shotgun wedding and a secret divorce.
    You know that two parent house hold you think people are so jealous about? Well Daddy Knowles had a baby on Mama Knowles.
    Big sis married a convicted felon. Big sis fired her daddy because she accused him of stealing from her. Neither one of Blu’s parents graduated from high school. Big sis is there meal ticket.

    Sounds like a perfect family everyone should be jealous of, right? Take no it is more than one way to tell a story.

  • Hey, I believe in the existence of the Illuminati. What can I say, I’m a conspiracy theorist…


  • This whole “Illuminati” thing throws me for a loop lol. It’s like honestly, why would it be a conspiracy? I mean isn’t it pretty evident that if you come into a lot of money or enter into a fraternity or group of some kind (.i.e police dept., FDNY etc) There is bound to be corruption at some level and ppl can get away with it because money talks more than anything else. To me this is pretty obvious, and things like that are not very secret, also I think any human being is susceptible to being corrupt given the right circumstances. If you side eye Beyonce and other Entertainers, also side- eye corporations, the people behind the clothes your wear, the people behind the food you eat, and pretty much everything else. Entertainment, poltics (esp. of today), fashion, the food industry is designed to either distract you or convince you to buy things you don’t need. To me. this is not secret, it’s pretty obvious and you can find many everyday examples of things like this happening. It’s up to a person to recognize this and have control over their own life. No one can control you and make you do things that you don’t really want to do. Recognize it, and keep it moving if you don’t support it.

  • modern lady

    If you can believe in God, then you can believe there is a devil. And if there is a devil, then there might certainly be people who worship the devil and believe in all kinds of netherworld things. It’s not impossible.

  • IMthere4you

    what if she cannot carry a baby full term,and she wants to have a family with her husband? if that is the case,i dont see anything wrong with her having a surrogate! why is it so hard for someone to sit and think of the possibilities?! after all beyonce is just a human being just like everyone else. ppl are making her look like some “god” who is incapable of making mistakes. from one of the videos,its quite obvious that her tummy became as flat as a frisby! anyone who cannot see that is blind and brain dead! still,surrogation is not a crime. its ok…she didn’t need to cover up anything