Over the weekend, news that Oprah Winfrey’s OWN lost a staggering $330 million spread like wildfire. While we knew Winfrey’s network was struggling to get off the ground, many didn’t know just how bad things had gotten. In just a year of being on the air OWN has suffered from layoffs, low ratings, and millions in losses, which have many wondering if the network will even be around next year.

Despite the massive influence of her popular daytime show and magazine, OWN continues to be one of Oprah’s biggest struggles. But as one of the only networks with a black woman at the helm, I don’t want OWN to go down in flames. Shows like LifeClass and Oprah’s Next Chapter have been ratings boons for the network, but missteps like The Rosie Show and others haven’t quite captured viewers’ attention.

Being that Oprah has inspired millions of women across the globe, I think we should help a sista out and give her a few ideas about what she can do to turn OWN around.

If you could whisper in her ear, what type of advice would you give Ms. O? Should she hire Issa Rae and bring Awkward Black Girl to the network or should follow Lifetime’s lead and mix scripted shows, films, and reality TV.

Let’s give Oprah some advice. What would you like to see on OWN? 

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