In high school my girls and I would call in to the local hip-hop station to request songs for the daily countdown. We usually had the CD of our favorite artist, but there was something really exciting about hearing our jam of the moment on the airwaves. There was also the joy of calling in and trying to win the concert tickets we knew our parents wouldn’t buy.

But then our iTunes started popping, we started buying our own concert tickets, and we were able to discover more artists that we actually liked online than on our favorite stations. My transition from the radio world to the ‘net isn’t one I ever really think about, but it’s come up a lot within the last week.

New York’s 98.7 KISS FM is now broadcasting sports. Folks in San Francisco are hearing Steve Harvey every morning on KBLX instead of Kevin Brown, a local favorite who’d been with the station for more than 20 years. Some folks are really upset about the changes, others are sad that people are loosing their jobs, but that’s about it. Folks in my demo seemed to be missing from the conversation and that got me wondering.

Are any of us still listening to the radio? It’s a strange question when you think about the power and popularity of certain radio DJs or how much rising stars want to be on the radio. But, when was the last time you listened to the radio? Where do you go to hear new music? Are your favorite local DJs still on the airwaves?

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