Nothing can hurt a job hunter more than a bad resume and when it comes to resume revamps everybody seems to have something that works for them personally. But as with most things there are general rules of thumb that most seasoned recruiters will say can help land your resume at the top of the pile. Check out these four simple resume revamp tips and breathe new life into your job search today!

Go Into Detail About Your Accomplishments
When it comes to resumes most of us simply list our daily tasks in bullet point fashion and that’s it. However your resume is the main place that you get to sell yourself to a potential employer. They don’t really want to see what you did on a daily basis – they want to see results and measurable outcomes indicating past performance. When you are describing the job that you performed, phrase it in terms of accomplishments. Instead of saying “Assisted director with various projects,” say “Organized and facilitated new social media marketing strategy which helped to increase corporate visibility by 40% in the first two months of implementation.” Get into details about the projects you assisted with and how they helped the department and/or company you worked for.

Ditch The Objective/Summary Statement
Unless you’re changing your career path entirely, consider forgoing the objective statement. Why? Because the objective statement takes up valuable space and says nothing about you as a candidate. Recruiters and hiring managers read through countless resumes every day and each objective statement sounds exactly like the last one. Including one won’t help you stand out. The one exception is if you are going to take the time to craft an individualized objective statement for each job to which you apply.

Your Resume Can (and should) Be More Than One Page
This is the one tip that is constantly up for debate when it comes to career advice. Some would say a two page resume is too long and an employer won’t read it, however, unless you’re right out of college, there’s no reason for your resume to be just one page. This is not to say that you should be submitting five page resumes, two is definitely the max, but if you’ve been working for a while having a two page resume gives you room to elaborate on your accomplishments and provide details of your past experiences.

Get Rid Of Useless And Out Of Place Info
Employers and recruiters are extremely busy and don’t have time to read through fluff and filler, leave that at the door. Don’t say that you are a great communicator, exceptional and proactive negotiator, etc, go through your resume and get rid of soaring adverbs and any grandiose jargon that most likely means nothing much anyway. Employers want to see hard facts and more often than not won’t hire you because you say you’re great, but rather because they can see in the resume that you have done great things or are capable of great things. Also, don’t include personal data, business references, or salary requirements. It’s unprofessional and may cost you the job, save it for when you are further into the hiring process.

Most importantly remember to sell yourself! The job hunt is no time to be humble and modest, you’re competing against hundreds and thousands of other candidates so make sure to show and prove. You can do it!

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