As girls, we’re used to borrowing a few wardrobe pieces from the men. We’ll rock a boyfriend jean, a button-down oxford shirt, maybe even a tie or suspenders, but what we haven’t quite gotten used to is heterosexual men doing the same to us and rocking ladies apparel.

There are a few men who take metrosexual to a whole new level with their gender-bending looks and their not exactly the usual suspects who you figure are questionable anyway. We’ve got a couple of “hardcore” rappers, two undeniable rock sex symbols, and an R&B cat. It takes a man who’s quite comfortable with his sexuality—and tiny in stature—to wear ladies clothing but these men manage to do it and still look good—some of them anyway. The others, we’re begging them to stop. Like now.

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  • EKO

    I don’t follow most of these artists b/c I dont like them…but wow!! that’s what’s been going on behing my back lol.I thought beeing metrosexual meant dressing with a more refined taste but I guess I was wrong.
    Also,I think there is a difference between dressing more “risky” for a show or concert and dressing like that in real life. Same difference goes for famous people vs. ordinary folks.
    I must be really old-school b/c none of these shenanigans appeal to me.

  • LadyT

    Chris B. six pack is all I saw and remember