We told you the fashion world was catching on to Azealia Banks’ purple ombre tresses and The Silver Factory has turned her hair trend into a new short style with these denim “Azealias.”

The Vintage Levi 501 Denim was specially cut, dyed, and distressed to create the perfect festival short and each pair is created by hand so no two are alike. The Silver Factory’s website says they owe the entire style to the Harlem female rapper who’s been gaining more exposure on the fashion front lately.

“Our ‘Azealia’ shorts were inspired by the rappers every changing hair colour, much like the style she rocked at this years Coachella!”

For about $77 they can be yours. Check out the style online at shopsilverfactory.com.

Are you feeling these shorts?

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  • Jasmine

    They are cute but $77. I’m sorry I can buy some old jeans, go to michael’s get some paint and have my own little fun moment in my house for all that.

    • Cha Cha

      Thank you…

    • CoCo

      I completely agree

    • binks

      Agreed! And AndreasChoice have a tutorial on youtube on how to create shorts similar to these with the info you stated above. They are cute but can be a diy project not something to drop $77 on.

    • OSHH

      True definitely not worth 77 bone$ plus although I still rock and love shorts, this look is cute but jive young for me.