When Francois Hollande was elected as the President of France, I made a note to read a bit more about the election and what having a socialist in office would mean for the country. A few of my friends living abroad took to social media to share their personal reactions and those of their neighbors. Despite wanting to live in France, I wasn’t completely current with the country’s politics. I needed to know more. I should know more. As I scrolled through my CNN World newsfeed, I realized how much world news was missing from my daily news consumption.

While my desire to be knowledgeable about current events is strong, I always feel like there’s never enough time. With the 24-hour news cycle, I’m constantly reading and there is always more. Filtering news becomes an interesting task because it’s possible to end up with an extremely limited and one-sided view, even when your goal is to expand and think globally.

How do you choose which international events to follow? Do you pay more attention to specific countries and regions? What is your favorite source for world news?

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  • I listen to the BBC world service every morning while getting ready for work (they have a great iPad app), and when i’m in front of the TV it’s CNN International and Al-Jazeera. As I’m in Nigeria, I usually keep up on local news via The Guardian and Vanguard newspapers, and various blogs/Twitter streams such as Africa is a Country, Global Voices, and Bella Naija for regional/diaspora/international stuff. I used to live in the UK, so the Guardian and Independent are must-reads for news from there. You should also check out pastpages.org – it picks up the most popular stories from US/UK media websites to keep you current.

  • Fatima

    I love BBC and let’s now forget about the Doha Debates…OMG, I will go to Qatar, just to be part of the audience. Next will be Al-Jazeera, France24, and RFI (radio France International). These two are my news outlet to stay up to date. To get more detail, I read the Economist, NYT, Jeune Afrique, and the New Yorker (to mostly get a sense of what my 1%er bosses are conversing over during their happy hour,lol).

  • Fatima

    And yes I will say I was quite ecstatic that Sarkozy was gone. Texted all my friends as soon as I got my BBC alert! I forgot to mention that HuffingtonPost World and Global Post, does a great job to give you the main story worldwide if you easily want to transition to international news w/o being overwhelmed.

  • Pearlsrevealed

    I don’t have a main source for international news. Occasionally I’ll start researching a hot news item that lead me to non USA sources then I weigh all the information. Instead of choosing sides I am more prone to file it all under my “that’s interesting” mental file.

    I used to watch the Christian Science Monitor on PBS back in the day. I really miss that broadcast.

    For national news I like Democracy Now on PBS.

  • Miss P

    In the UK we are exposed to world news all the time, the quality newspapers report on world news and being British the BBC is a national treasure.
    I seem to be following developments in Nigeria at the moment with all the Islamic related bombings and of course I’m interested in Syria as that situation is just wrong.

    Loved the article !!!