Over the weekend Kanye West went on a bit of a Twitter fashion rant, calling out all of the atrocious wardrobe violations he came across while cruising through NYC, like button up shirts and hoodies, big striped scarves, and pretty much anything khaki. We definitely agree with Ye on the citation-worthy styles he pointed out but since his rant was pretty specific to men we thought we could have our own mini rant on the unfortunate wardrobe violations we see ladies pull all the time. Consider this your warning.

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  • Ash.

    I 1000% agree with everything posted. I have noticed too many leggings mishaps on this campus that I think that the school should not allow anyone to wear them.

  • Ms. Kari

    Speaking of night clothing in Cleveland Ohio this is a fashion nightmare there is no where it seems that you can’t go without seeing this dreadful look,slumber Bonnet’s that look like shower caps, pajama pants and house slippers;I call it ” I want everyone to know that I am not fresh and don’t care” For the public I think there should by warning sign’s such as no text messaging while driving there should be” NO SERVICE IF YOUR WEARING THESE ITEMS IN PUBLIC” Take a shower wear clothing for outside your home and please do something with your hair; your slumber Bonnet is for bedtime only!!!

    • Cha Cha

      I live in MI, and I don’t know if I never noticed before, but women are starting to wear those damn satin bonnets in public. You get a -9.9 for a solid colored one, and a -10 for a flower print bonnet. How lazy. Wear a cute hat instead…

    • So Over This Ish

      I agree with you both. I believe that it shows a lack of self-respect to leave home looking that way.

      Lord knows I’m not perfect and everybody has days when they don’t look or feel good, but there should be some effort to be presentable.

      This means wearing real shoes instead of rubber flip-flops, brushing one’s teeth, bathing, not wearing shower caps in public, not wearing pj’s in public, etc.

  • Misti

    Cute sneakers with cute dresses….yes!!! And wearing cute scarves with certain hairstyles…yes!!! But leggings as pants, visible bras…..NO!!!!

  • WIP

    i have to agree on the leggings as pants. i know you know people can see through them…
    i can’t even get mad about the head scarves- i do it. i will continue to do it. :)